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    The New York | Full Body Waterproof Warm Winter Coats with Harness

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    The New York - Making Your Furry Baby A Model Anywhere!

    The New York soft padded jacket help to keep your dog warm and cozy throughout winter. With four-legged and high collar coverage, your dog won't covered with snow, rain or any other outdoor elements.

    No more waiting for good weather, wear now and go out everyday!


    1. Warm & Windproof & Waterproof

    This dog vest is made of high-quality polyester material that is comfortable, windproof, and skin-friendly. Perfect for Early Spring/Cool Autumn/Winter seasons.

    2. Harness & D Rings

    Straps harness, double D ring & a strong buckle on the back, It makes walking dogs very easy, allowing you to securely attach a leash without needing another harness or collar.

    3. 3 Layers - More Warm

    Waterproof surface with warm and thick cotton inner.

    Outer water resistant and splash-proof layer made with 100% nylon helps pup stay dry from rain or snow.

    4. Waist Elastic - More Freedom

    Elastic strap can be tightened to prevent cold wind from blowing into chihuahua clothes and enhance warmth.

    Size Chart:

    : Neck: 12.5"(32cm), Chest: 15.5"(40cm), Back Length: 12.5"(32cm); Recommended breeds Cat, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher;

    M : Neck: 14"(36cm), Chest: 17"(44cm), Back Length: 13.5"(34cm); Recommended breeds Yorkie, Bichon, Toy Poodle, Shih tzu, Teddy Bear;

    L : Neck: 15.5"(40cm), Chest: 19"(48cm), Back Length:15.5"(39cm); Recommended breeds Miniature Schnauzer, Young Pug, Poodle, Mini Dachshund;

    XL : Neck: 18"(46cm), Chest: 20.5"(52cm), Back Length: 16.5"(42cm); Recommended breeds Boston Terrier, French bulldog;