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    Grooming Hammock | Pet Grooming Hammock for Dogs & Cats

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    Perfect Helper for Cutting Nails!

    Have you ever wanted to try to cut your dog's nails, but didn't have anyone to help you hold your pup?
    The Grooming Hammock is like the function of grooming table, grooming arm, or doggie lift.
    You can cut/paint/style your dog's nails with both more wrestling, fighting or chasing your pet.

    Sturdy And Durable

    Grooming Hammock helper is made of mesh textile material, the sling is sewn with a special process, not a rope ring design, do not worry about tearing and falling off.


    As a pet owner, it is easier for you to give medicine to pets, clean their teeth and ears, and use eye drops when you have this dog grooming sling hammock at home. You don't have to worry about being bitten. Besides, grooming hammock is also a good helper for veterinarians.


    This pet grooming harness bag is designed with a breathable and flexible 3D mesh structure to keep your pet comfortable. The thicker hemming around the holes reduces friction on your pet's legs, making them calm and relaxed for grooming. In addition, this product is easy to clean, hand wash and machine wash.


    The Paw Islet pet grooming kit will make a lovely gift for all pet owners! Choose from various sizes: XS, S, M, L, suitable for all kinds of dog or cat breeds and sizes!