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    PetsyFriends Portable Pet Cleaning 360º Silicone Paw Washer Cup

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    How we got our start?

    Duggie Dog Paw Cleaner have the gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws. Keep Your House Always Clean.

    What makes our product unique?

    Our Paw Washer is a new, innovative and easy way to rinse your dog’s dirty or muddy paws, before they track it all over the house!

    How to Use ?

    1.Add some water to the dog paw cleaner

    Be careful not to pour too much water to prevent splashing.

    2.Put the dog paw into the cup

    Turn left and right to make the silica gel brush clean the paws thoroughly. Repeat for the other three paws.

    3.Pour out dirty water.

    Clean products, let them dry until they are reused.


    1. Lightweight & portable paw cleaner for dogs

    Pet paw washers are designed to be kept by your front or back door and used when bringing your dog back inside, keep your house and car looking spotless. No more muddy floors, once and for all.

    2. 2-in-1 Cup

    2-in-1 design, can be used as both a paw cleaner and a grooming tool; you can use one side of the cup as a standard paw cleaner when the silicone bristles are on the inside, and when the bristles are on the outside, you can use it as a brush for grooming and bathing.

    3. Giftable & Durable

    Perfect gift for pet lovers. A great dog gifts for medium dogs, dog owner gifts, gifts for dog owners, dog gifts for medium large dogs, gifts for pet owners. Sleek and super-easy to use, the Portable Dog Paw Cleaner is every pet owner’s go-to.

    4. Easy to Clean & Easy to Remove

    The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws; The brush is easier to be removed for rinsing and assembled back.

    5. Easy to Use

    Add some water to the dog feet cleaner, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, let the gentle silicone bristles do the rest, dry the paw, and repeat on the remaining paws; Whether your dog's paws are totally caked with stubborn mud or just a little dusty, this dog foot cleaner will banish every last trace of dirt, mud, and debris in a mere matter of seconds.