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    PetsyFriends Multifunctional 3 in 1 Pet Shower Nozzle Massage Bath Tool

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    Duggie Multifunctional 3 in 1 Pet Shower Nozzle Massage Bath Tool

    Save time, money and water when you wash your furry friends at home with this innovative pet shower attachment. The Pet Bathing Tool is easy to install and operate. It makes bath time a breeze for you and your pets.It can be used as a hair comb when it is not used as a shower.

    his all-in-one tool lets you brush and rinse your pet simultaneously, speeding up bath time and eliminating the need for bucket rinsing. The button mechanism in the center of the scrubber lets you click easily from ON to OFF with one hand, leaving your other hand free to soothe your pet.This product can fully mix water and shower gel into foam before spray it. So that it can avoid incomplete cleaning caused by uneven application of shower gel.

    International Standard Joint

    It can be adapted to American standard faucet 1/2-14, and can also be matched universally to NPSM pipe thread hose. Easy to connect, without complicated installation.

    Shower Gel Inlet

    You can remove the cover and put some bath gel in through the hole, where it can store a small amount of body wash. And then you can mix them with water by control the switch.

    Hard Blunt Brush

    It's very conveniet to go deep into the dog's hair, scratching the dog's body softly. It can bring more deep and thorough clean, making the dog more comfortable.


    1. Multifunctional Pet Brush

    Can be used as shower nozzle, massage tool and comb. Not only can clean pet's body, but also the pet's dog's body can be massaged.

    2. Easy to Use

    You can only hold the bottom with one hand, only control the flow of water, and control the flow of water and shampoo together and control the closure.

    3. High-Quality Materials

    We use solid brass to connect the diverter valve to switch modes, while the bathtub sprinkler and hand shower are made of high-strength ABS plastic.

    4. Strict Design

    For product quality, some products may switch too tightly when not in use, don't worry.When you connect to the pipe and use it , switch will be normal.