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    PetsyFriends Dog & Cat Hair Fur Remover

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    Pet Hair Removal Tool

    People who own pets know that our pets lose a lot of hair every day, so if you don't pay attention to cleaning, these pets' hair may enter the human respiratory tract and lungs. Therefore, the lint remover for pet hair can play a very important role, which can make your living environment safer, neater and more elegant.


    1. High Quality

    The cat hair fur remover is made of long-life metal materials, which can easily remove sticky residues such as pet hair, lint, and dust. Pet hair remover are ideal for clothes, curtains, bedding, sofas and car interiors.

    2. Simple Operation

    Even after vacuuming, the lint roller for pet hair can effectively pluck the fluff and clean the furniture deeply, allowing you to get rid of the fur completely. (Tip: Do not use pet hair removal on knitwear and sweaters because it will get entangled in loose fibers)

    3. Environmental Protection

    Different from other battery-powered carpet hair removal tool, our fur zapper can be operated manually, so that they can no longer be used because they forgot to buy batteries. At the same time, it also eliminates the behavior of wasting batteries.

    4. Keep Tidy

    The carpet scraper can be applied to clothes, sofas, quilts, carpets, cat houses, etc., to keep your home clean and tidy, and make your life easier and more elegant.

    5. Portable Lint Remover

    The dog hair remover can be carried with you (size: 6.9*4.9inch) and does not occupy the space of the car/cabinet/table. If you have any questions about our cat hair remover, please contact us and we will solve the problem for you.