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    PetsyFriends | Cat Scratcher Toy Ball

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    • 【Cat Scratching Ball Size】: The diameter of the sisal cat scratching post     Medium grab post Size is appropriate for most cats and kittens.
    • 【unique design】:Scratching is a natural feline behavior, which contributes a lot to the physical and mental wellness of cats. lovely appearance will attract cats to scratch, exercise and play indoors to meet this instinctive need. The scratching post can also be an interesting and visually attractive decoration in your home.
    • 【CATS LOVE IT】: Your kitty will love the all in one interactive cat scratchers for indoor cats.Natural scratching healthy claws, great exercise, & stress reliever
    • 【Furniture Protection】:Designed for all kinds of cat scratch post, keeps the claws trimmed. Helps to replenish cat claws, cat toys. Great for protecting your furniture, wallpaper, carpets against the natural scratching behaviour of your cat. Reduce unwanted scratching or clawing.
    • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】:Our stylish cat post saves your effort from troubleshooting. You will be able to assemble the cat scratchers in just 3 minutes, no need to keep your furry fellow waiting.

    • Natural cat scratcher
    • Triangle base + durable sisal ball, very stable and safe, naturally attract cats.

    • Firm joint&solid wood
    Natural sisal + solid wood, let the cat play more healthy and safe.

    • Solid wood cat scratcher ball
    If you sprinkle some cat mint on the sisal ball, cats will like it more.

    To keep cats healthy, we need to let them run, jump and grind their claws. If your cat is more and more motionless, or even depressed, please try our cat scratcher, which can meet the needs of the cat's paw grinding. The cat scratcher toy will rotate when it is jumped up and slapped by the cat, so that the cat can play more happily. The existence of cat hole satisfies the cat's curiosity and sense of security, so that the cat can rest in the cat hole when it is tired. When the cat plays, it can also exercise, which is very good for the cat's physical and mental health.